Alat Pijat kaki Elektrik OB FIT OB 3007 Refleksi Foot Massager


Rp 4.440.000

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3 Months (Local Official Distributor Warranty)

Siap dikirim 1-4 hari

Total: Rp 4.440.000

OB Fit Official Store, PKP, Jakarta Barat

Pijatan Shiatsu yang baik untuk Terapi & Kesehatan Kaki disertai penghangat.





Golden Foot Treasure Massager (Shiatsu Massager)

Rated Voltage : AC 100 240V, 50/60hz, 1.5A

Power Consumption : 36W

Weight : 4,2 Kg

Rated Time : 15 min

In This Box : Golden Foot Massager, Instruction Manual, Wall Plug

OB-3007 Golden Foot Treasure Massager (Shiatsu Massager)

About the product

1. Features a unique design with air bladder and roller techniques to mimic the hands and thumb pressing action of a professional massage.

2. Simultaneously applies soothing pressure to the heels, toes, and soles massaging and releasing all tensions and knots.

3. Has an optional 2 level infrared-based heat therapy, radiating gentle warmth for an enhanced soothing of aching feet.

4. Relieves pain due to plantar fasciitis, heal spurs, bunions, arthritis and foot swelling, as well as lower back pain and overall stress relief.

5. Improves blood circulation and regulates blood flow

6. OB-3007 Thai Foot Massager features a beautiful rubberized outer shell and offers three intensity settings and four massaging programs, allowing for full control on the massaging style.


  • Alat Untuk Relaksasi Pijat Terapi Kaki
  • Dapat meredakan stress/depresi/kecemasan
  • Merelaksasikan telapak kaki
  • Melenturkan otot dan persendian telapak kaki
  • Mencegah kram dan kesemutan
  • Menghilangkan pegal-pegal
  • Rated Time : 15 min
  • Voltage : AC 100 240V 50/60hz 1.5A
  • Power Consumption : 36W
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