Car Air Purifier Ipuri A1 Hitam


Rp 3.300.000

1 Year (Local Authorized Service Center Warranty)

Siap dikirim 1-4 hari

Total: Rp 3.300.000

IPuri Indonesia, Non-PKP, Jakarta Barat

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  • Hepa Filter13
  • Menyaring debu, virus, bakteri dan Jamur hingga 99.97%
  • 5 tahap filterisasi
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) 31m3/H
  • Menyaring debu sebesar 0.3 mikron dengan PM 2.5
  • 4 Step color condition: Blue, Green, Orange, Red
  • Hybrid (dengan menggunakan adapter)
  • Alarm penggantian filter
  • Made in Korea
  • Garansi 1 Tahun


We offer differentiated products for customers in a healthy and comfortable environment, ease of use, safety and cost reduction.

High performance, 5-step H13 HEPA Filter.

Step 1 : Pre - Filter
10um size dust removal, microbial and bacterial, and fungau growth inhibited.
Step 2 : Asian Dust - Filter
0.5um size Dust Removal, respiratory protection from Yellow Dust.
Step 3 : Sterilization (N29) - Filter
Antibacterial and sterilization, 99% elimination of pathogens.
Step 4 : HEPA (H13) - Filter
0.3um size particulate dust collection and air purification.
Step 5 : Deodorant - Filter
Eliminate the odour of living and deodorize, eliminate new home/new car syndrome triggers.

Feature :
3 in 1 Hybrid Purifier (Vehicle, Home, Leisure)
LCD Screen – Check The Realtime air Pollution
LED air Pollution level indicaton ( Blue, Green, Orange, Red )
PM 2.5 / PM 10 – Dual Mode air cleaning sensor
Panasonic Laser Dust Sensor
31m3/h – Clean air supply rate ( CADR )
High Speed Large size fan 150 PI
3 Fan Speed Control
4 Step Dimming Control
Alarm For Filter Replacement
Smart Touch Function
Remote Control – Easy to use
HEPA Filter 13 for eliminate 99.97% fine dust
High Performance, 5 step filter (perfectly blocking fine dust)
Available 3 Color – Black, Mint, Rose Gold
Invert Screen (invert up/invert down screen)
Low Noise 32db (reading room quality)
Voltage DC 12V - 24V
Product Size 170 x 210 x 75 mm
One Year Warranty
Made in Korea
Certified KC, EU-RoHS, FCC, E-MARK

Air Purifier Ipuri A1 bersifat hybrid yang dapat digunakan dimana saja sesuai dengan kebutuhan Anda. Anda dapat menggunakan air purifier Ipuri A1 ini di mobil, kamar ataupun apartemen Anda


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