Inkubasi Bisnis Esklusif President University

SetSail BizAccel (SetSail) , as a part of GITA Erasmus activities, provides the right scheme that allows you to develop and validate your ideas. A common question for a new entrepreneur is where to start? That's why we offer counseling to you, who are interested and excited in working with something new by establishing your own innovation project that can turn out to be an enterprise.

Starting a company while remaining at the university

As interesting as it sounds, starting a company while studying on campus never been that easy. BUT there's no fun when we play safe, huh? To be able to validate your ideas (even the craziest idea can be useful tho) is the best thing ever! At such a young age you are more than welcome to try any kind of business that you want; despite that, we have mentors to guide you so you will never feel alone.

What's on your mind?

1. "I want to become an entrepreneur"

We give many opportunities for you to develop your innovation and entrepreneurship skills. You can receive startup counseling both if you are still working on developing a sustainable idea and if you already have an idea, you could turn it into reality.

What will you learn?

2. "I have an idea"

As President University's student, you can get insight into testing and developing your business ideas. By joining the BizAccel Startup activities, you can know useful materials for changing a potential idea into a company.

You will be challenged to:

3. "I have my own company"

Do you have a company that you would like to expand and raise? You can get help from SetSail BizAccel.

These are what an incubator could do to help you boost your startups: