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Reformasi Administrasi Konsep Dimensi & Strategi


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Reformasi Administrasi: Konsep, Dimensi, & Strategi dari bumi aksara Hal: 108 Penerbit: BUMI AKSARA Ukuran: 15,5 x 23, HVS 60 gr, cover ac 210 gr Cetakan: ke - 5 - tahun 2015 Edition: ISBN: 979-526-266-1


President University Profile

President University is one of the best private universities in Indonesia (accredited A). President University offers strong international learning and research environment. The lectures at President University are carried out in English. The number of international students at President University is one of the highest among all universities across Indonesia. President University is located in one of the largest industrial estates in Southeast Asia (Jababeka Industrial Estate) where various companies from many countries establish and run their business. 

Currently, President University has four faculties, namely Faculty of Business (Accounting, Actuarial Science, Business Administration, Management, and Master of Management in Technology), Faculty of Computer Science (Information System, Information Technology, Visual Communication Design, and Master of Science and Information Technology), Faculty of Engineering (Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering), and Faculty of Humanities (Communications, International Relations, Law, and Primary School Teacher Education).