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  • Metal Printer Metaza MPX-95
  • Printable area of 3.2 Inch x 3.2 Inch
  • Resolution 529 DPI
  • Built-in laser pointer for quick and accurate imprint set-up
  • Unit Utama

    Others Imprints up to 26 digits of image and text data inside an area as small as one square milimeter|_|_|Printable area of 3.2 Inch x 3.2 Inch|_|_|Removable base allows for impact printing on materials up to 2.8 Inch thick|_|_|Optional Gift Kit expands personalization possibilities|_|_|Diamond-tipped stylus marks silver, titanium, platinum, brass, and aluminum up to 200HV (Vickers Hardness)|_|_|Built-in laser pointer for quick and accurate imprint set-up|_|_|Imprint resolution : 529 dpi (high-res), 353 dpi (photos), 265 dpi (text), 1058 dpi (vector)|_|_|Imprint speed : 2.0 in./sec (photo), 1.2 in./sec (text), 0.94 in./sec (vector)|_|_|Compact and fully enclosed - runs quietly and safely in any kiosk, office or store
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    Features Personalize Hundreds of Metal Items|_|_|Expand Your Media Options|_|_|Accurate Laser Pointer Set-up|_|_|Compat, Quiet, and Portable|_|_|Easy to Use
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