SOCOMEC Masterys BC 200 kVA


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Bhinneka, PKP, Jakarta Utara



  • True Online Double Conversion UPS
  • Power rating : 200 kVA / 180 kW
  • Power Factor : 0.9
  • Input : 400 V 3ph
  • Output : 3 ph N : 400 V (dapat di konfiurasi 380/415V)
  • Backup time : 5 - 10 menit @ typical load
  • Unit Utama

    Daya Keluar 200000VA / 180000W
    Back-Up Time Full Load 10 minutes
    Form Factor Tower
    Lain-lain By Pass : Voltage toleransi +/- 15%; Frequency 50/60 Hz +/- 2%|_|_|Topology : True Online Double Conversion|_|_|Efisiensi : 94% pada Online mode|_|_|Noise 1m : <68 dB|_|_|Made in Eropa|_|_|Power factor > 0.9|_|_|Safety standard IEC 62040-1|_|_|TUV safety sertifikasi sesuai IEC 62040-1|_|_|EMC sertifikasi sesuai IEC 62040-2|_|_|Optional : SNMP; External Dry Trafo; Kabel Input/Output
    Dimensi Produk UPS 700 x 800 x 1930 mm ( WxDxH ); Rack 1500x600x1400 (WxDxH) mm x 3
    Berat Produk UPS 500 kg; Rack 180 kg; Battery 2492 kg; Aksesoris 30 kg
    Voltase Masuk 400V 3ph|_|_|Voltage toleransi 240 - 480V|_|_|Frequency 50/60 Hz +/- 10%|_|_|THDi < 3%|_|_|Power factor > 0.9
    Voltase Keluar 3ph 400V (dapat di konfiurasi 380/415V)|_|_|Pure Sinewave|_|_|Voltage tolerasi +/-1%|_|_|Frequency 50/60 Hz , +/-2% (dapat di konfigurasi 1 - 8%)|_|_|Power factor 0.9|_|_|Overload 125% selama 10 menit, 150% selama 1 menit|_|_|Crest Factor 3:1
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