Systemic Mic Wireless Systemic SR20/SH20D


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  • Microphone Wireless
  • Dual Antenna
  • Frequency Range : 500 – 980 MHz
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio : >110dBA
  • Sensitivity <-90 dBm
  • Input Impedance 40 kΩ
  • Multilevel high frequency and mid frequency narrowband
  • Longest distance 100 meters
  • Unit Utama

    Microphone Frequency Range : 500 – 980 MHz|_|_|RF Power : 10mW|_|_|Input Voltage : 3V|_|_|Battery Size : 2 x AA Size Alkaline Battery (1.5V)|_|_|Input Sensitivity : 2.1 mV/Pa|_|_|Input Impedance : 40 kΩ|_|_|Power Consumption : 100mA @3V|_|_|Chipset : SysteMic STX|_|_|Operating Time : 6 – 12 hours (average measurement)|_|_|emperature Range : 10 °C to +55 °C
    Receiver Frequency Range : 500 – 980 MHz|_|_|Audio Output : 1 x TS Unbalanced (+5 dBu);2 x XLR Balanced (+8 dBu)|_|_|Power Supply : 12 – 18V(DC)|_|_|Power Consumption : 150mA @13.5V(DC)|_|_|Chipset Processor : SysteMic SRX|_|_|Modulation : Wideband FM|_|_|Blocking Rate : ≥ 70 dB|_|_|Receiver Type : Hybrid Diversity|_|_|Attenuation : ≥ 65 dB|_|_|Signal-to-Noise Ratio : >110dBA (1 mV, peak deviation)|_|_|Total Harmonic Distortion : 0.9%|_|_|AF Out Volume Setting : 30dB in 3dB steps|_|_|Sensitivity : <-90 dBm|_|_|Antenna : Dual, Fixed
    Fitur UHF 500-980 MHz band to avert interfering frequency|_|_|Multilevel high frequency and mid frequency narrowband|_|_|filter to block interfering signals|_|_|Battery indicator to inform the battery capacity left|_|_|Internal audio compressing-expanding technology to lower|_|_|noises and increase the dynamic range|_|_|Re-echo canceling circuit|_|_|Multilevel high frequency booster receiver|_|_|Separated and mixed output for professional and home uses|_|_|Specially designed tone key locking system to avoid interferin|_|_|signal open the muting system|_|_|Internal multilevel noise detect circuit for stronger antijam ability|_|_|Alkaline battery consumption average 6-12 hours|_|_|Longest distance 100 meters (open area, 55% RH, 80°F)|_|_|Frequency response customized for vocals with brightened|_|_|midrange and bass roll off (SH20D only)|_|_|Uniform Cardioid pickup pattern to isolates the main sound sources and minimizes background noise|_|_|Pneumatic shock-mount system to cut-off handling noise|_|_|Built-in spherical pop filter|_|_|Ideal for room uses, small to medium-large stages, open-fields, ballroom and auditorium
    Dimensi Produk SR20 : 200x43x136 mm (without antenna)|_|_|SH20D : Ø 55×265 mm
    Berat Produk SR20 : 385 gram|_|_|SH20D : 100 gram (without battery)
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